Free shipping on Orders $35 and above


Free shipping on Orders $35 and above



Jeremy and Paul were inspired to create their own. In a world overrun by smart phones and news feeds, they wanted a business where people came first. They’ve turned that dream into a New York success story, and they’re ready to share that with anyone who’s as hungry as they are for more than just the status quo.



Paul is passionate about building a business around people—and after falling in love with coffee at a convention in D.C., he never looked back. As an avid yogi, husband, and father, Paul brings an unparalleled passion and care to Birch. You can find him roasting small batches at our LIC roast house on Wednesdays and Fridays.



You’ll often find Jeremy at one of our locations, cold brew in hand, enjoying the company of any number of our beloved regulars. With more than 15 years in the service industry, Jeremy brings a passion for customer relations and an obsession for our customers’ dogs (he’s adopted two pit bulls of his own). He strives to perfect the Birch experience for everyone, both behind the curtain and in front of house, right down to the last bean.